Trump’s tweet about wayfair

How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?

Waif: a person, especially a child, who has no home or friends.

Fare: food; diet; the price of conveyance or passage in a bus, train, airplane, or other vehicle.

The symbology is being revealed at levels unprecedented. We are nearing the time when the crust over our perceptions will crack.

The only way you’re missing the connections between Wayfair and child Trafficking is if you’re willfully ignorant or looking the other way, twiddling your thumbs over the Netflix remote.

Numbing your mind.

Deep down, you do care. I know you do.

There’s people demonstrating how they sell the kids online.

What can you do?

Jesus has always been the way.

Sad how I had to find Him by stepping deep into the darkness, from which He emerged as the light.

Evil is real, demons, unclean spirits, all of it.

When I went deep enough into the shadows of the world hidden beneath my feet, above in the heavens, and lurking in the seas, I was faced with contradictions that required a parting of ways with the old me.

Becoming brand new again is not difficult

Put on your simple cloak and take the verbal beating of your former friends.

They’ll pick up their bashing sticks and call you crazy, always behind your back, when what’s worse? Inaction in the face of atrocities. Call me crazy, but I’d rather be called a conspiracy theorist if it means I’m standing up against tyranny and the reprehensible, undeniable abuses toward children.

When your friends become inert in times of crisis, forgive them, and in your heart say C-YA.

Judgement feels great. It increases dopamine when I judge them harshly and critically as cowards, but that’s not the way.

I renounce the urge.

The enemy, armed with temptation and pleasure has the upper hand. Carnality is much preferred to a more simple and spiritual existence.

The latter is more satisfying, though. And much much more difficult to approach. And life passes in the blink of an eye though, pleasure is short-lived.

Leviathan commandeers our egos.

You can’t escape Leviathan without humbling your heart through prayer and fellowship with Christ.

The bible is wisdowm

Read the Bible, be smart. Pray for guidance and for others. And by all means HATE EVIL.