man uses a megaphone to not spew propaganda

Twitter Fading, Marilyn Manson, Hamburglars,

Read symbol comms new post about fast food comms (false flag). Mind blown.

Twitter is losing it’s grip as soon stock plummets. They even creeped to a new low, censoring the word “coronavirus” from private messages, it recently happened to Joe Rogan.

Many pawns live on Twitter. Many pawns have links in their twitter crapfile to Paypal. Hired hands? Making money on deception is still lucrative. Do they really believe in what their overlords say that they have to say? In order to GET PAID! Or do they believe it?

Ever seen one of these servants of misanthropes pawning around? They are at the bottom of the ladder, so they probably have nothing but loyalty toward money being loaded into Paypal. You can’t have crowds of masked fire retardant peaceful protestors calling out the bad George, a major focus of QAnon Q.

The Evil One –> Minions –> Gremlins –> Pawns

If I Were A Pawn

If I were to abandon morality to work for evil’s legions, I would try to believe in the lie. It would make everything easier to stomach, like drinking a refreshing coca cola to wash down all those Mcdonalds Fries. It will kill you faster but at least it tastes good. And if you are the more-than-privileged Warren Buffet, it’s just part of how you stay young. Eating like a kid, but not drinking any kid’s adrenalized blood. That’s crQzy!

Hamburglar Manson is All Out of Ketchup

Manson, beloved artist of the Columbine shooters, is the Hamburglar. Do you know which paper mache head holding celebrity he looks like? I’m still holding out that MM is a double agent. If a Hamburglar is the name they use for an MK ULTRA killer, and hamburgers are the murders, then we will learn if Manson is more like Charles Manson or Snape.

Orthos, or Marilyn Manson, never caused much concern other than controversy for the stories of his depravity. Now he’s being sued/accused by a Game of Thrones actress for human trafficking.

Did you hear that Tulane? Maybe he can come teach logistics there sharing his method for shipping precious cargo. Any clown who decides to go to Clown college at Tulane is going to be rich! It’s all that really matters.

Billionaire Gates is Flipping Burgers?

“Where’s the effing ketchup?“

Hamburger is a comm for murder and ketchup for blood, but to get it go read symbolism . SC says he fllipped. If Billionaire Gates already flipped to the good side then what’s with all the farmland? If I’m confused then so are they.