Unprecedented Panic in DC?

Below are three videos of panic that I’ve rated in intensity from 1-10.

A 1 means no panic at all. A 10 means shit has hit the fan and the only way to escape is through suicide.

Panic is an arrival of overwhelming fear that impacts the nervous system and creates hysteria, which leads to crazy or wild behavior, and often spreads through a group of people or animals. People respond differently when they feel the horrid terror of panic wash over them. Some talk way too much and say outlandish things. Others shrivel into a ball on the floor. Some talk gibberish and can’t think. Some squawk and are filled with an intensity of anger that doesn’t fit the situation.

One of the movies we’re watching right now is called Panic in DC. It stars the most dishonest journalists and politicians, and all of them appear to be acting insane today. They are behaving in ways they haven’t in the past.

After the press conference today, where Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis laid down the gauntlet, the level of panic reached new heights.

It went from a good 6 to at least an 8.5. While the panic has been building for a while now, it feels different this time. It feels like the press, politicians, and would-be usurper Joe Biden, are sensing that the end of the road is here.

It’s a feeling like making your very first speech, or asking someone out when you’re at the impressionable age and rejection feels like the end of the world.

The difference is that, the normal fears most of us have, fears that can cause us to lose our train of thought, shake, feel light-headed, and want to run for the hills, are NOTHING compared to what the swamp rats are feeling right now.

1. Lindsay Graham Looks Like A Ghost because he’s working so hard? — noPe

Lindsay Graham is in full blown panic

Lindsay Graham, benefit of the doubt. 12/5 EXCEPT HE DOES NOTHING

Panic Rating: TIRED PATRIOT? – 4/10

2. Joe Biden Either Has Dementia Or a Case of the “OH GOD I’M GOING TO FACE A MILITARY TRIBUNAL”

We’ve all seen the many gaffes and errors that glass Joe Biden is capable of committing. They are so embarrassing that under normal circumstances, a person making them would never recover. And they would be immediately disqualified as president by any sane human being. However, the vitriol thrown Trump’s way for the past four years has offset rational thinking. People who voted for Joe Biden are themselves insane and will probably require therapy. It’s not totally their fault, they were brainwashed. Some of them for over 40 years to accept what the talking voices on TV said.

Panic Rating: WAKING NIGHTMARE 8/10


The mainstream media is an enemy of God. They are collectively responsible for making a living hell by promoting group think and deceiving God’s children. GOD IS MAD. After Vice President Mike Pence ignored them, they went completely crazy. Watch the video and see for yourself. We are witnessing their downfall in real time. I can’t say I’m not enjoying it. They’ve ruined so many lives that they deserve everything coming. God bless them!

Panic Rating: THE SKY IS ALMOST FALLING 8.5/10


Do you agree with what I’ve posted?

As events unfold, the panic level is going to increase exponentially. On twitter, they’re doing everything to control the damage but how long can you prevent God’s wrath from raining down upon the wicked? My estimation: a month or two. These are amazing times and we have front row seats. Thank you for reading. God bless you! Enjoy the show :).

There is intense panic in DC. Don’t they know that Joe is in on it? Maybe they all are. FEBRUARY 9TH BACK IN THE PUBLIC EYE. Let’s see what happens.