Was Lin Wood at the White House yesterday but Joe Biden Wasn’t there?

Lincoln Lucian Wood visits the White House and Joe Biden isn’t there.

That’s what we are being shown right now, do you know what dimension this is? Real life is a movie, I hope.

Lin Wood at the White House, it is the White House! IF that is a new picture with TRVMP at the White House…

Joke or not, God bless Lin Wood! I’ve seen enough of that one old guy on a green screen. His hand goes through the microphones. The lights are never on at the White House at night. The media says they are having events but the streets are empty when people record it from their iapartments.

No outrage about the hidden sex+ drugs + quid pro quo + corruption + money scandal + baby slaves. Where’s the liberal outrage over lies about the old guy’s son pictured having sex and doing drugs with two prostitutes looking at the camera knowingly, volunteering the dirt to be recorded as part of the deal. You who turn the blind eye deserve a black one.

But let’s look at the positive. Nero’s son got with two girls at the same time, so what if he paid or forced them to. Seth Rogen would def high five that and follow it with a chortle, I wonder if Seth Rogen IRL ever saw something that eats away at him. Suppression of memory. Never heard any action out of that guy that wasn’t on a set. I say that because he projects the word facist around, but never at the facists.

Good thing he’s got an answer and curse for everything. He’s flowcharted all the convos out with planned quips that are practiced like a circus clown. I’d never stand a chance except at a walkathon. Hilarious guy though, wish he would DO SOMETHING

God bless you fakenewsweek!