Donald Trump and the Surgeon General Reject Bill Gates’s Plan and Suspend Funding for WHO

A month ago, many people considered Bill Gates to be the philanthropist and helper of humankind we all needed during a crisis. 

Now, he’s clinging on to the last shreds of his reputation, and the mainstream media is determined to salvage as much of it as they can.

the lackeys in the mainstream news continue to serve lord gates

Many people realize what’s going on now. 

At the least, they’re noticing that things aren’t adding up. 

And not even all the fake fact-checking sites will be enough to stop the people from learning the truth.

Nothing can stop what’s coming, nothing.

The New York Post  is the only news network in the list below who provides a different side of the story through Roger Stone. 

It’s the one most people are coming to believe: Bill Gates intends to force us to get microchips and steal our freedom.

the Corrupt world health organization and shiva

Bill Gates says it’s dangerous to stop funding the WHO. But you’d have to be a complete muppet to trust anything he or Tedros says. 

Q has earned trust. 

Q has opened our eyes. 

On 4.14.20, Q directed anons to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’ Twitter post. 

Front and center is Shiva.

Knowing how seriously these people worship their occult idols, and with Q’s guidance, we know that statue isn’t there for laughs or conversation.

It represents them and what they stand for.

Shiva is a god of both medicine and poison. Shiva can both help and slaughter.

No doubt these monsters like to follow in Shiva’s footsteps, deciding who gets to live and die. And they’re in charge of the world’s health.

So bad has it become that a petition calling for Tedros to resign has almost one million signatures 


Deceit and the destruction of freedom

Not all journalists have sold their souls while selling out the American people. 

At the Washington Times, Cheryl Chumley wrote a great piece about the “unelected destroyers of freedom” in reference to Gates and Fauci.

Ouch. Who knew they weren’t even elected for their role in this COVID19 mess? 

They just sort of showed up.

GATES and fauci dream of microchips and mandatory vaccines

Thankfully, POTUS is about to be swinging down that hammer of justice. 

All we have to do is enjoy the show!

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