What is happening With These Kettles?

Are you seeing this? The staffer who wanted Marjorie Taylor Greene out is arrested for doing the kind of actions that are being told by the media the conspiracy theory.

Left-wing environmentals are calling out conservatives and then getting busted for the very thing conspiracy theorists talk about them doing.

Then they call him a trvmp supporter? Just what are the facts these days?

Excuse me journalists. Ahem.

Another save the environment person, the manager of communications of citizens for responsbile energy.

We can’t even take care of kids in this country, thats why we tackle the greatest of all goals: saving the whole planet

Responsbile takes on new meaning in the world o mirrors!

500 is a BIG NUMBER.

You think glamour and hunger games recreational style pays for itself?

Correlation isn’t causation.

Rhetorical questions aren’t acts of domestic terrorism.

Can you still ignore it all?