What is the Message?

GEORGE asked us, “what is the message?”


“Freedom is a priceless thing. But it is a stable possession only when it is acquired by a nation’s strenuous effort. What is not by chance or outward circumstance, or given by the generous impulse of a tyrant prince or people is not a reality. A nation will truly enjoy freedom only when in the process of winning or defending its freedom, it has been purified and consolidated through and through, until liberty has become a part of its very soul.”

  • Mahatma Gandhi

We have to feel the pain of this battle by taking a stand. The people who have supported Biden will face their own intense inner struggle soon. Theirs will have no end. We are already facing our greatest battle, nothing else comes close.

Why do we have to experience This?


“Effort and sacrifice are the necessary conditions of real stable emancipation. Liberty unacquired, merely found, will on the test fail like the Dead-Sea-apple or the magician’s plenty.”

We have fought hard, sacrificed much, but in the end…


Our victory in 2021 will bestow the greatest blessing for future generations worldwide!

And nothing will taste sweeter than the freedom we fought so hard to acquire. Even when it looked hopeless, we will have stayed the course, fighting for the soul of freedom!