What is the Truth?

Who can say after watching this video what the truth is anymore? What’s fake looks real and the opposite is true.

Is the above man a chamelon or skilled in magic? Is it an amateur with little to no skill but the right technology? The sheep zombies aren’t going to be able to handle this or else they will have the calmest transition.

Video has been used against us as a tool of manipulation.

When you shout toilet paper shortage or pipeline shut down, people’s eyes roll back and they become filthy selfish animals. Has any news network ever created trouble and panic among we the people?

They do it like they breathe.

People make fun of sheep television zombies somewhere in Europe

Video Is Good For Making Illusions and Promoting Delusions

Nothing ruffles scales in a good way like a human stampede operating as one lethal unit. Beautiful to behold, each one consuming itself in the name of self preservation. Until long it spreads and a massive boil forms.

For this we can thank MSM.

Is it a real person in the video reporting sunny hopeful moments from India?

Or is the man from the first video? Hanx can fake a video but only by standing still. Getting the bustle of Mumbai in the background is hard to fake?

Attacked Around 20 Times

This website has been attacked almost 20 times over the week. My guess is that the machines, pawns, and gremlins are unleashed to do some bidding that’s more than serious. I have become emboldened to use their names more and more. Certain subjects and names are defended by an army who seek our doom or at least silence.

Now Hear A Rant

At least 17 is still going strong. Trump and Q posted the exact minute of the same hour 50 times at least. They posted at the exact same minute of the day of the hour over 50 times. Is that true? Look for yourself!

You know how impossible it is in causal statistics for there to be NO relationship between these separate events occuring over and over to the exact minute with military precision?

News will make it very apparent to us whether 2024 is an end date or a start date?

What lies ahead?

Treason? Fraud? Justice.