When It Could Not Be Any More Bizarro: ENTER MK ULTRA JENNER

NOTE: Read symbol comms post about Jenner’s possible flop.

Jenner Runs For Governor

It gets way more bizarro. Did Jenner enter to attack the evil leaders in CA?

Caitlyn Jenner enters the race, talking about all the things Californians deserve. MK Jenner was directed to know something must be done to stop the homeless people from defecating on the public streets.

Is Gavin Newsome Really Ejected From His Governorship?

You know you’re a low-grade minion when you get voted out of office and it isn’t even time to vote.

This minion will go down in history for doing the wrong thing to a higher degree whenever possible and more often at the expense of everyone. Kids will be looking in the mirrors with the lights off saying his name three times. Legend has it that when you do dangerous prisoners reach through the glass to pull you through.

Why do the people in charge of California always want to do the first thing the genocidal Turks who killed all the Armenians in 1915 did? They released criminals, then turned them into soldiers. Executions followed.

The more these people get called out the more they want to release more dangerous prisoners.

That’s where Caitlyn Jenner Comes in. She says she is for conservative values and doing the right thing. They made her well known or whatever, but now she or maybe he isn’t on their side.

The media gave her wreaths and put her on their shiny covers, calling her a hero and the bravest thing since coming out. You could look on in total bewilderment, you didn’t know what you were watching. Normal people didn’t care about it because it offered no value at all for anything.

Release the prisoners, I dare you

The way they fawned over Caitlyn Jenner for going against nature… while they promoted global warming… could be about to backfire. Jenner is an Olympian and Kanye’s Mother in Law so she’s a contender. There’s more to this one.

Newsome will go down projecting. This minion refuses to retreat. No matter what happens, he projects himself onto others. It’s a good strategy, if you always lie, to never be honest. But what about your conscience? Gavin Newsome and Drew McKissick impress the evil one with how they cover their tracks and accuse the accusers of what they can look inside their hearts to see is true. If it isn’t then their actions and behavior doesn’t make sense. Maybe they just think it’s politics, being seduced by power. They know themselves well and have self-loathing for themseces as we all do at times. Not sure about Gremlin Drew but Minion Gavin is commiting crimes. How amazing it is that he can keep his face straight, how they both can override their conscious minds and avoid all thought of repercussions in this world and the next to attack others with falsehoods. It’s the age old bearing false witness on political adversaries.

It’s like they are giving themselves a talk only it’s directed at someone else.

Don’t Wreck Yourself, Project Yourself

Minion Gavin calls his recall undemocratic, but he’s a tyrant. He’s getting ousted because he needs to be arrested. Looks deceive because he looks like a family man who could be a good leader, however, actions show him to be unhinged.. He is a fascist who abused and rocked California’s populace with extreme lockdowns that people will remember like those who recall spending time in concentratiom camps. The state is a hive of child trafficking, drugs, cop killing, murder, homeless pooping, strange wildfires from lasers and drones, kidnapping and abductions, poverty, inequality, and all the sickness of Hollyweird. But that’s easy to hide with a complicit media. Covid is harder to pass off. The evil teacher’s union helped their sworn minion with lies. They need to be arrested. Many lost their businesses, but despite the claims of widespread death, you can easily see what they did to distort the numbers. This is an evil lie and by God may they pay for it. Real Covid looks nothing like the way they talk about it on fake news. The hospitals weren’t full of bodies just clueless nurses dancing in masks like fiends, no bodies on the streets(just lots of poop), and how many people do you know who died of COVID? Hey, I think our governor is a psychopath who wants to kill us!

No, you are!!! !!! !!!


Projecting requires back up woth boots on the ground. He knows people will not let him walk down the streets in peace so now he’s working to get more of his own kind on the block.

Covid is killing prisoners! Release them!


California needs less demon-possessed killers on the streets. Who remembers when Marc Angelucci was murdered? Shot in the back by a guy who will be tortured by Satan, not nearly as bad as the one who made the hit.

With an out of control governor in flight or fight mode, someone like Jenner is perfect, even though there is no way she will win? Jenner wears the invulnerable trans political armor. They can’t turn on her now. This is turning into one hell of a movie!