Patriots of the Great Awakening (vintage)

Stalwart, unwavering, steadfast patriots of fortitude.

In times like these, give the thanks to God for providing us with people who will shine the light on truth and fight for what is morally right. This was made in July and everyone has been forced off the platforms as the time of evil comes to an end.

Donald Trump Administration

Donald John Trump

President Donald Trump is spearheading a death blow to wickedness. 

Michael Flynn

Flynn suffered terrible injustice by our own government because he REFUSED silence. 

Michael Pompeo

Pompeo is a strong, virtuous and reliable leader fighting for good all day every day.

Dan Scavino Jr,

Social Media paragon and highly trusted member of the Trump Team

Politicians Taking a Stand

Jeff Sessions

Is he an android? No, he’s Jeff Sessions, destroyer of lies.

Wesley Hunt

His last name is what he’s on right now.

Tom Fitton

He challenged Hillary to a cage match and she backed down.

Devin Nunes

Nunes isn’t afraid to make sense and helps put it all into perspective with his nunchucks of commonsense.

Matt Gaetz

He is attacking the corrupt and terrible with a gas mask that is impenetrable.







The Trumps

Donald Trump JR

The only people who hate Donald Trump Jr. are brainwashed Karens and Satanists.

Tiffany Trump

Melania Trump

Ivanka Trump

Eric Trump

Defenders of justice

Sidney Powell

BANNED BY TWITTER. Sidney Powell is the powerful lawyer and she ain’t afraid to say that the Weiner laptop is an abomination.

Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan is a heroic warrior of the Great Awakening with scathing and illuminating attacks.

William Barr

William Barr is a hammer of God’s justice ready to smash, smash, smash the corrupt and wicked. (Or is he?)

John Durham

Wild West Sheriff of impeccable reputation, John Durham is about to go full Wyatt Earp.


Catherine Herridge

Hopefully arriving at the truth.

John Solomon

A living legend right here. John Solomon is an award-winning investigative journalist and founder of Just the News. He has worked at AP, WaPo, TWT, and The Hill.

Young Pharaoh

Nobel Peace Prize recipient 2021 with the handcuffs or head busts approach, leading the charge into the first wave of the revolution.

Ryan Fournier

Facing the backlash with resolve.

Sara Carter

Objective Sara Carter loves to investigate the facts unlike Maggie Haberman.

Liz Crokin

Liz Crokin is an American Hero who has put it all on the line. She’s a true journalist. CENSORED


Taking it to the New York Times with heavy hands.


Imagine a world where the police is defunded.

Dan Bongino

“You’re going to have to pick a side. There’s no avoiding the fights ahead.”

Digital soldiers OF THE QARMY DURING the great awakening

These are people rising to accept the gauntlet laid down by Q. Q says that we are the news now because we can’t trust the mainstream media. Almost all of these people are hard to find on Twitter because they have all been deleted or censored.

Inevitable ET 17

KIA: great twitter purge, 7/22/20

I dare you to go against the reasoning, logic, and potent memes of this informed digital warrior. He cleaves through the opposition.


After instigating people to take up free speech and showing them how to do it, after unlocking the past of evil and exposing it, I E T 17 account perished on Twitter. But you can go to the website on his profile by clicking the link.

Martin Geddes

This patriot is censored by mailchimp and medium for making a solid argument! His writing has contributed toward my waking up and is available using the links above.

Click the chain icon above and read his awesome article:

From Death of a Super Mafia:

“This also explains why the focus on “conspiracy theories” is a distraction, because what matters are architectures of criminal cultures.”

kate awakening

The lovely Kate Awakening is a true American and major major influence.

Tommy g

Tommy G has been posting videos and uncovering facts like Sherlock Holmes.

Dr. Shay

Speaking truth to anarchists, a patriot and Christian leading by example.

Anonymous Q

“You probably don’t realize this, but we are right now living through the largest war this world has EVER known. For lack of a better term I’ll just call it “The Revolution” where it’s us the people worldwide VS the global mafia known as the “Illuminati”.”




Today I’m releasing, a news aggregator to make searching the news all the easier. The Bias prioritizes quality (relevant) + quantity (comprehensive) + chronology (efficient) and will feature more stories than appear on this timeline, so check it out!

kate awakening

With Jack purging thousands of accounts “for spreading disinformation”, you just KNOW they’re coming for us next.

Tommy g

Tommy G has been posting videos and uncovering facts like Sherlock Holmes.

Dr. Shay

Speaking truth to anarchists, a patriot and Christian leading by example.

Julians rum

julians rum
Don’t put me down. Ever. #MAGA
If you wanna convince me Reptillians are real start with Chrissy Teigen.


patriot the corruption detector

YouTube Journalist – politics, corruption & more. Shows 7 DAYS A WEEK!





Ray Lahood

Standing up for kids like a boss back when few but Q really knew.

Vincent Kennedy

vincent kennedy
“I am good if the last drop Q makes is ‘Told Ya So.” I do believe Anons have everything we need. Only issues is when Anons turn on each other. Accounts get bigger and sometimes forget the smaller accounts. Only way is to stick together and realize why we are here. #WWG1WGA”



Q has said proofs and graphics are important.
I took that as a directive.
This thread will show:
-Q verification
-Q/POTUS connections
-Q/POTUS knowing of news in advance

(more examples than just mine are out there)



Praying Medic

praying medic


My life prior to the year 2000 was pretty ordinary. I was an atheist, doing the best I could to keep things moving in a positive direction. One day, I had an encounter with Jesus in the bunk room of a fire station that forever changed my life.




So much truth early on that his account was SUSPENDED. Because if they don’t behave how you want them to, even if it’s in protest against pedophiles, CENSORSHIP will be OK…