Why Did Google Treat the Resurrection Like an Insignificant Day?

Remember when they called us Easter Worshippers? That was a red flag. Now the king of the vipers won’t even acknowledge the miraculous day when Jesus rose from the dead. The homepage on Google is always filled with something, an ode to the day. Kwanza celebrations in bright colors over the search bar! Today, for example, is April 26, and Google put the image below front and center.

Who knows what it signifies? Some woman accomplishing science! Thanks to Google we know more about someone special, a random female who did something great with a microscope.

Keep it blank for Christ?

That’s why it’s so creepy Google wouldn’t even acknowledge Jesus Christ on the Sunday of His resurrection. Christ is our redemption through faith in his blood. A selfless gift of the greatest sacrifice. Why would you blatantly disrespect the Christ like that? It’s really odd to be inclusive of just about everything except that which is the truth.

It isn’t self-righteous but accurate to say that If we lived by Christ we’d have a much better civilization, and that’s saying we lived up to the higher standard of the Gospel, a word that drives them insane. By better I’m talking about peace, liberty, and love. The satanic model is more about gain, entertainment, and pleasure no matter the cost or pain, the more the better. It will end and the death blow forthcoming?

Anyone supporting total silence toward God on the day of Resurrection, is approving a sign of profound disrespect to the Lord our God. This action is arrogance toward holy fire. The fuse to the dynamite is lit already. There’s always an explosive consequence, here and now, or in future generations, and God delivers them as sure as the sunrise. Better to be wise and give respect where it’s due than act arrogant and mightier than God.


You respect scientists and disrespect God. When will God pay you back?