Will 6/14 Be a Big Boom Day?

June 14th is flag day. It’s a day that honors Old Glory becoming the US flag.

This week we see the audits completing.

The My Pillow man dropped a bombshell. Even without the evidence from Mike Lindell set to sink the evil actors, a glance at the graphic below shows glaring discrepancies.

Entities of control like Dominion, whose employees deleted all evidence of themselves working there, are chopped liver.

Anyone in league with creating billion dollar lawsuits against Powell and Lindell get to come face to face with the power of God. I hope they’re ready. Same with Aunt Tiffy.

Aunt Tiffy also gets to meet Uncle Sam.

The day nears as Patriots rise up worldwide.

Trvmp Gave a Speech That Already has Millions of Views

Compared to the most popular president Bidan who get downvoted and believes his shoelaces are spagahetti.

The number of patriots supporting Trvmp is over 100,000,000. These are TRUE supporters.

Think Lin Wood is crazy? I don’t. If you hear him speak and read his words it’s clear he has a sound mind and is simply voicing concerns about issues we all should be concerned about.

MSM is not even talking about il Donaldo Trumpo’s epic speecho of the yearo.

The above communication sounds to me like they’ve got really good intel FROM ALL OF THE SURVEYS and POLLS (still don’t think it’s a plan?)

Someone’s birthday is coming up…

Isn’t that on flag day?

There’s more to it than this. We are moving into a critical stage.

Military Activity

Militaries from around the world are getting ready for something YUGE.

The US nuclear command is in the air in case there’s a shutdown of the government or some kind of blackout. Go investigate for yourself the type of craft taking to the skies. The military moves have been something extraordinary. The UN is here to “lend a claw.”

Now the moving military pieces are beginning to show a pattern of coordinated effort.

Pray for the safety of the brave soldiers during this epic time in history.

The future is uncertain and the world means nothing if you aren’t working toward heaven.