Will Syria Be the Next to Experience a Blackout? Plus the Desperation of the Amplified Rerun!

Pompeo is sending messages to operators standing by. Or maybe he is now explaining why Israel attacked Iranian assets in Syria.

Meanwhile, this website was attacked yesterday with a single high severity GET attack to acquire restricted files. Most attacks have been low-mid, nonthreatening. Must be touching a nerve somewhere.

As robots send messages:

Why are they saying almost the exact same thing?

A Desperate and futile Propaganda Technique: The Amplified Rerun

The media double standard: ignoring violence all summer.

The technique is to rerun a backstabbing impeachment, but here’s the difference: MAKE THE HEADLINE ABOUT TRUMP BEING THE ONLY ONE TO BE ACCUSED TWICE. This amplification makes it seems like he’s twice as bad as the rest, and if you’re slow, you think: How can this evil man, who is twice as corrupt as Richard Nixon still be in office? It also gives a fresh spin on an old acquittal.

Fact checkers are slime balls.
Fact Checkers are propaganda reinforcers.

How anyone listens to the Corrupt News Network after they were caught fabricating an entire story about the caravans goes beyond me.

How anyone listens to them after all the coverage on issues that proved false (impeachment, Russia collusion, Steele Dossier) is also beyond me.

How anyone gives them any credit at all as a source after all the videos exposing their desire to shape a narrative rather than report the news is beyond me. Wonder if those Project Veritas recordings are still on youtube…

How anyone can even look at corrupted news with the blatant evidence of a double standards and biased reporting speaks to the ignorance of their viewers.

It’s like their viewers have been on a pleasant road trip for a while, then the car caught fire but they all deny it. That’s not smoke, it’s wafting grey air that improves lung function!

I really find it hard to believe this Mary McDonald is a real person.

The flames are all around them as they’re headed down the hill in a burning bus toward a cliff that drops 10,000 feet into a ravine of hardened feces, which are highly flammable. The brakes still work, but oh well.

“We saw it on CNN!” they say.

“Orange man BAD!” they croak.

Might as well stay in to the end and experience the full fireball of their decisions. That’s commitment!

Humans Love Blame, Anger, and Feel a Rush of Pleasure with HAtred

The sadistic manipulators aren’t dumb. They’ve masterminded an addiction of hatred centered on Trump. First they were unaware that he represented the tip of a spear of a plan that began after Kennedy’s assassination.

They weren’t much too concerned until they saw he came to fight them to the end. Once they knew it was the calm before the storm, they put forth a plan of their own. They turned their offense toward the approaching dark clouds.

Hate is the new addiction. You can point these addicts all out with ease. They never talk about why Biden is great but why Trump is a racist, fascist woman hater. Never you mind the facts. They use plenty of profanity, blasphemy, and curses to make up for those.

They love sensationalist pieces about Trump’s incompetence and never ask questions.

They can’t bear to even see pictures of Donald Trump or to hear him speak. Their minds are made up. They look to the devil on their shoulder. And when the media speaks it triggers the devil’s tickle, creating a desire to scratch their HATEFUL itch.

And so they do, taking anything hate-related, i.e. rushed, baseless impeachment, like a junkie will snort glue if there’s nothing else. And there’s nothing left, folks.

I gave them a Chance and They Failed

During the first impeachment, I gave the press and our politicians the benefit of the doubt. I believed them and anticipated the evidence. It never came because it never existed. It disgusted me to my core to hear about Donald Trump making prostitutes urinate on the bed that Obama slept on. Golden showers, they said. It filled me with horror. AND IT WAS ALL A LIE CONCOCTED BY A WITCH.

Sinister intent to defame. God I pray that Jezebel is slain by angels with blades on fire in Jesus’s name.

After the acquittal, I began to question them ALL. From then until now I have become fully woke to their corruption and methods. Their purpose now is to hold onto power as the walls cave in from Trump’s DE FACTO MILITARY PRESIDENCY. Unfortunately for them, GOD’S IRE DRAWS NEAR.

I don’t doubt for one second that they are caught and now attempt to scramble. But as the widespread doubt of their own fallibility begins to creep in their sick minds, what will they do?

Must be very frightening to be them.

They will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and I don’t think it’s going to take years, or even months, but days. And it won’t be pretty.

Why else would you bring back firing squads and hangings as a form of punishment on your way out of office? Logical thinking.

Stay tuned…