In a mirror universe, everyone who marched with Trump or contributed to his campaigns are labeled domestic terrorists and prevented from working or owning businesses, and are also made to wear armbands with a gold Letter T.

Then they said more words to equate supporters of a movement to the people who blow up people.

In the mirrorverse, the stupid people were fooled by fake news and displays never intended to solve real problems. Their actions led to death and destruction, complete division.

Death and destruction they do best

After the woman who could have done right but instead chose wrong, starred as a victim in a harrowing film, deceiving via performance LIES that sway the crowd. But in the way she’d hoped it would the first time.

Divisive emptiness vitriolic

The keyboardist could see right through their schemes, knowing THE TRUTH IS AN ABSOLUTE DEFENSE.

Disgusting truculence.

Call your naysayers liars and discredit them, saying everything they have is faked.

YOU ate their faces and spread ddeath and Communism.

But then the keyboardist was skewered by a phrase including the term misogynist.

Those were the last words of the keyboardist before he was censored off the internet.

Here’s an early scene from The Keyboardist…

Sorry if you don’t like violence because they love it!

Here’s another scene

drone strike from Power Of Relaxation on Vimeo.


Narrowly escaping the jaundice.

Will this be the bleak future of free speech?

Or will We the People help the good guys (people against citizens getting cleansed by drones) and in the end Save the Day?

Draining the Swamp

If Trvmp fulfills his promise, draining the Swamp will be a great movie for years to come.

We are getting to see a new documentary this weekend about voter fraud, a topic you aren’t allowed to discuss without risk in being called a domestic terrorist!

Would you sit by and let people harm free thinkers?