Will Tonight Be the Night The Real Show Starts?


An anon called Copious MQ made an interesting connection today that could suggest we could see something big tonight. These open source researchers known as anons have banded together while Abe Washington tries to keep up with all the action.

What you see here is Donald Trump purposely leaving out the word “billion”. Post 2098 could be saying with the 1/Billion Coincidence? that Trump did do this purposefully. By identifying the missing word and checking for it in the military intelligence posts, she found the message for TODAY:

Enjoy the show tonight.


Today is also the day that George Washington led the surprise attack that succeeded against the Hessians. They knew it was coming but couldn’t do anything. Ethan Cohen Watnik also retweeted this historical event.

God, I pray you send your angels down to destroy the evil forces of the enemy while giving heavenly strength to Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Donald Trump, General Flynn, Chris Miller, Watnik, John, and all the patriots fighting this battle.

I pray you unleash whirlwinds of chaos and confusion against the enemies that oppose them and all of us. Send your Holy fire down! In the name of Jesus!