X22 Report gets banned and then identity taken

Here’s a very bizarre example of how it works. These insane-o devil-worshippers embody the tactics of what a devil would do.

They rip out your account, but don’t always stop there.

They become you.

They take over your identity and pretend to be you.

Curse them all, God, they’re a scourge you have showed us.

It’s so subtle and vile, like a cut-out of yourself drowning you, the weight of paper is really hard on those who can’t swim. Only to say that X22 relied on Twitter and Youtube.

A fatal mistake in these social media pits.

He seems to have had a decent thing going, but they lost patience with him. They silenced him.

Then they became him. So the question remains.

Are they him now?

X22 made his account completely within the operating restrictions of Youtube, Twitter, and every company that is now setting boundaries for public conversation about sensitive topics, which are yet unproven in a court of law, but are of the highest horrors conceivable.

And questioning based on the evidence is understandable.

The entire thing is bad water and bad air.

With many bad eggs.

Will X22 defeat his paper cut-out? Is this a publicity stunt?

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: the above story has been berified as partially fake news.